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Symbols are the language of the Subconscious mind...

I remember seeing an interview on TED, in which a man pretending to be psychic shows how he fools people into believing the act.

He shows how the subconscious mind has "tells" and various ways of communicating with symbols that allow him to interpret. The brain is NATURALLY wired to be this way, your brain naturally picks up and decodes SUBCONSCIOUS symbols whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

The most telling moment of his work, was when he shows a person a piece of paper at lightning fast speed and then takes it away. He says there are like 4 words on the paper and to try and guess it. The people have no idea how to respond as there is NO way they would of seen what was written, he encourages them to take a guess anyways. So the person takes a guess, and then shows what he wrote on the paper.

What the person "subconsciously" remembered happened to be the First Letter of every word BACKWARDS. Without thought, your mind ACCEPTED the symbol.

The same goes for every symbol that you see in day to day life, in particular re-occuring symbols. Triangles, Pyramids, Circles, Squares, Squares within Circle, Triangles within Circles, etc. so on and so forth.

If you notice most symbols that look like a trident, or an E is an actuality a "cube" or "squared" circle, at an angle. The actual geoemtry is concealed by the color of the logo and what it represents. The entire WORLD is run on symbols, every company, every single thing in this world that we utilize is done through the power of symbols. Because our SUBCONSCIOUS mind operates on SYMBOLIC language, HENCE why hypnosis states, theta and alpha brainwave states, and DREAM states speak in SYMBOLS!!

What is not known to the average public, is that the Occult and Mystery Schools have known the power of symbols since their formation long ago, and before that the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, all the way back to Babylon and Sumeria.

These symbols are geometrical and mathematical constructs which then resonate with the interior of our brains- which also decodes things mathematically and geometrically. We see them and even though in our immediate conscious mind we do not acknowledge the power of the symbol ,they speak to us. The symbol is then associated with specific feelings and intentions- as it is not the symbol but rather the APPLICATION that determines its use!

This is the fallacy and major flaw of logic that the "conspiracy theorists" of today do not understand. In particular the "Christian" or religious conspiracy theories. They do not understand how these symbols are embedded deep into our cellular, and collective consciousness memories (race memories if you will) since the ancient times. In fact, the All Seeing Eye with the Pyramid on the dollar bill is a subconscious, constant remembrance of the "fall of Atlantis" and the slavery of the human mind.

To understand this simply, you have to go back to Sumeria and realize the system (which they claimed was given to them by Gods), it is actually- very very simple. The Shepherds ruled over the sheep, by taking control of the farms, the churches/temples, and kingdom. In other-words, in todays terms- economy, religion (spirituality), and government. With Media now being the "4th branch" as it is known in today's sociology classes. This system, STILL exists, and dominates the world today. The pyramidal hierarchy is common sense- as is any of the symbols which are used today.

Don't believe me? Look at your symbol for medicine, Cadeucus found in India and Sumeria. Symbols of DNA, symbols of the intertwining of the spiritual kundalini POLARITY energies that stem from the base (root) of the spine all the way into the TOP/Crown of which the Wings are often placed upon. The Staff, being like the staff Aaron/Moses used to shepherd the sheep, and also represents the vertical colum, or SPINE from which the Energy goes up and down. The wings can represent enlightenment, or even a cosmic brotherhood.The spine, also happens to have 33 vertebrae, the sacred number of the Mystery Schools. A symbol that you see EVERYWHERE and "subconsciously" relate to medicine has ties that extend all the way back into a sacred past that is briefly mentioned in history.

The Egyptians were known Slavers, they built feats of mathematical genius and technical accomplishments that were far beyond the time- so much so they still stump the "experts" of today. They did so on the backs of slaves as the entire culture was "elitist" while the rest were the uninitiated. So did some of the other ancient cultures who ALSO built pyramids, and from these pyramidal hierarchies DOMINATED and ENSLAVED the cultures around themselves. Does it not then, in CLEAR and perfect detail show how "corporatism" is nothing new, but rather a subconscious archetype being played out in pyramidal fashion since the days of old! Not only did the indigenous tribes sometimes have knowledge of pyramids and built them, but so did even the Sumerians!

The Freemasons study and follow the culture of the Egyptians to every last word in their rituals and ceremonial rites. They do so in a hidden, or coded format- but it is this hidden or coded format that entails even more subconscious power into what it is they are truly tapping into.

Every single member of Egyptian society in their youth was considered a "Neophyte," and was tasked to wear long hair over their left eye able only to see out of their right eye until they became "adults." It wasn't until they had fulfilled their tasks, their duties, and obligations that they were allowed to become "full adults." During the time they were Neophytes, they could not be held responsible for their wrongdoings and were not considered official citizens of the Egyptian empire. It was not until they were ready and the work was done that they would be "initiated" through various esoteric ceremonial rituals that the hair was lifted, and they were "illuminated" into the Ancient Mysteries. Now they were responsible and held accountable for their actions- and moved into full responsibility of being an active Egyptian citizen.

The covering of the left eye and exposing of the right is typical of the Eye of Horus, which is the Solar Eye, or the Male Eye. Representing the material power and patriarchal/phallic energy and the exoteric knowledge (outward). The left Eye symbolizes the sacred feminine, and the darkness, the "womb" (vagina) and the ESOTERIC (inner)truths. The Inner truths are not known to the initiate or adept until they are initiated, until which then thorough study and work is done in order for this person to understand the mysteries of life and become empowered to become a "steward" or "child of the light." The Light being, information, and that which is seen (and unseen), the entire material plane to guide, create new structures and ideas.

If you notice, nobody knows why the "left hand" path has been considered evil for so long. In fact even the "dark occultist" labeled their knowledge as the "left hand path" but that is a misconception from a TRAUMA that has been placed upon the FEMALE population for thousands of years. The Sacred Feminine, and women in general were far more respected in some of the ancient cultures, and it is not until the patriarchs took over Egypt and other civilizations that the women suddenly became "lesser."

Even in some Occult traditions the moon representing females, was "less" than the "sun" (which represented male) because it only reflected the Males Light. In The bible Eve came from Adam's rib. The left hand in many cultures even today is considered "evil" and people are FORCED to "rewire" the way they write and think because of it. Making it completely unnatural to the persons birth and dominant side. By doing so, they create a small trauma within the person and a "limitation" of their subconscious being by overriding that which is natural at the mental and genetic level. In spiritual healing, AND chinese chi gong the left hand is the magnetic hand and the right is the electrical (outward). In women, during certain exercises the placement of hands between left and right is "switched" from that of men.

Women were programmed into the public's eye, as weak and inferior incapable of making decisions. The reason the Patriarchs, Egyptians and others did this is because by suppressing the female (and objectifying her), they tapped into the reptilian brain of mankind, and the neanderthal-like instincts that govern our sex drive. Women became an object, and not equal. They suppressed the "INNER" or ESOTERIC wisdom by suppressing the feminine energy power SUBCONSCIOUSLY- especially through symbols!!

To this day, what do you see in correlation with major symbols on your favorite television show commercials? Whenever they want to sell you a product it's a beautiful woman, half naked, objectified as nothing more than this- and we all subconsciously "desire" or need the product. Why is that the feminine form is so beautiful both internally and externally ? We treat them more like trophies than we would equals- and that is indeed SOCIETAL or cultural programming that extends not just to males, but females! Go to any sorority and see what they teach women how to act and behave- it is teaching them how to "adapt" to a mans world by teaching them to be lower at a subconscious level. Yet empowered by the ability to "manipulate men."

Do you see the lack of balance and equality here, and how both parties are fooled? It is not necessarily a conspiracy done on a daily basis, as if these ancient egyptians were here manipulating us right here and now. But they were wise and smart enough to know that the FRATERNAL and ANCIENT brotherhoods would LAST through the centuries, and the SAME symbols and belief systems would be handed from one group unto the next, in secret for times to come. And it has, don't believe me? That's what Secret Societies TRULY are.

Is this beginning to make sense now?

We live in a literal "matrix" that has been superimposed into our subconscious through the language of symbols. Everywhere you go there is a symbol somewhere. Representing a building, representing our money, representing a store, a product, a corporation.

The symbol of many car companies and other companies for example do not even creatively use a logo, they use the EGYPTIAN SUN DISK with the "wings on the side." Bentley, Chrysler, Ford, etc. The Solar Logos is evident (male) everywhere you go, it is dominated. These are known as the Illuminati but not because of the name- but because what the name represents ILLUMINATION is a SOLAR attribute. The Solar dominated world, coincides with the MALE dominated world, we build our buildings UPWARDS in the shapes of the phallis. This is what the Egyptian Obelisk represents, and it is found in Washington DC (of which the city is made on Sacred Geoemtry) as well as the Vatican- and all over the place.

Conspiracy theorists, in their naivety and stupidty- believe this is "proof" that these people are all evil Satanic Blood Drinkers help bent on ruling the world. It is true the intentions of these people is akin to that of being "Gods" over "sheep," similar to the Luceferian idea of Him replacing God's throne...BUT they are not evil or "satanic." And neither is the number 666 for example...yet it is found everywhere in the geometry of legislative buildings (Manitoba for example). It is found in your Volkswagen logo represented by 6 hebrew V's (v is 6 in hebrew, the sacred language of the occult), with a circle drawn around it. This in itself is a magickal talisman (666 in shape of triangle)with a circle round it). It is found in Visa Card, as it is also found in barcodes. Within the Visa Symbol, as well as many other major corporate logos the Vesica Pisces symbol is found, two circles overlapping each other with the center part being the "Vagina" or "Womb of Creation" as a symbol. It is also a popular mathematical and geometric constant in our known universe and can be found in the structure of how nebulas form, funny enough with odd looking "eye formations" in the center of the vesica pisces.

What I am trying to tell you is that this is not some conspiracy "created" by some fabled Illuminati. This entire thing is FUELED and CREATED by us. Those "in the know" or the initiated, understand the power and use of these symbols- and because of the hidden/secret power structure that has existed for thousands of years within the fraternal orders- are often very influential/rich people. Hence they are able to utilize the SYMBOLIC language of the Subconscious mind- for their own personal gain, or the greater good of mankind. it is not the SYMBOL that is "evil" or "conspiracy," it is the intention of how the symbol are used, and furthermore- the reactions of those watching/perceiving!

These symbols tap into the hidden power of the mind, and thus we are subtly being suggested thousands of mathematical/geoemtrical bits of data from which we form our own basis of reality. As every symbol seen on television, media, corporation, religion, etc has a meaning and idea behind it. These ideas and meanings create the entire whole of what we call "accepted" reality. In a sense, it is a WEB, or inter-twined matrix of ideas and links which go all the way back to the beginning of civilization, to NOW. Nothing outside of the limitations of these symbols or ideas is "accepted" by the average folk as worth thinking about. Isn't it strange how most people don't really question beyond the television they see and the education they receive in school?

The mind is a TOOL, a powerful one. The Initiate, or the Adept knows either since birth, or since after "initiation" how to see the hidden, UNDERLYING meaning behind all things in the material world. This is why they have ALWAYS been at the fore-front of metaphysical, physical, scientific and otherwise discovery. This is where the "golden age" or "age of enlightenment" actually originated from- the philosophers and mathematicians of the time were ALL fully aware of this knowledge and dedicate their lives in pursuit of this knowledge. Whether Newton or Einstein- they were all somewhat aware of a hidden underlying or metaphysical force that governed all things- and their GOAL was to uncover the methods of which they worked.

The uninitiated, or the "sheep" do not understand the power of the symbols nor the underlying meanings. Hence they are easily led, and shepherded through this use of subconscious language- and live their day to day lives. Why do you think we all buy the same products, and talk about the same bullshit even though we know deep down inside its bad for us? Coca Cola, High Fructose, Processed foods, fast food, MTV reality television, Pornography ETC. It is the reason this knowledge has been kept so secret, because THEY believe that humanity would destroy themselves if they knew how to utilize these things without the PROPER spiritual maturity. In a way, these secret brotherhoods have done a great job, but have also really screwed things up.

It's time for the WOMAN to be accepted (if you notice, 99% of all fraternal power societies are male dominated) and furthermore, for the PEOPLE/public to know.

Well, what do you think the internet is?

This has nothing to do with a conspiracy made by Satan- but rather how reality itself, our genetic selves (which is a symbolic language within itself! Look at the X and Y chromosomes), is a "programmable" and very advanced reality construct. And that WE have the monstrous subconscious power to create reality and change the world around ourselves if we KNEW how. "Conspiracy theory" is actually 50% made by the guys who the conspiracy theories claim to be exposing, because THEY KNOW if you sensationalize, or create mass hysteria in people the "truth" of what is really going on will be hidden. This is why they don't care about all the cooky you-tube videos about the All Seeing Eyes blah blah blah. They actually are rather amused by it because all you are doing is then giving power to the symbols they ALREADY used to govern your outlook. Now you suddenly have an outlook of fear and hatred- which is the worst thing that could happen.
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