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The All Seeing Eye Decoded

I will talk a bit about the All Seeing Eye that you see everywhere, corporate logos, dollar bills, etc.

This symbol is not exclusive to the Freemasons.

It is actually an old Christian symbol before religion became what it is today

The All Seeing Eye has much speculation, ideas of meaning, and also really dumb conspiracy theories.

There is a "negative" application to the symbol but for the most part the symbol is not negative in nature.

The Triangle is one of the most important symbols to anyone who studies the Mysteries. Pythagoras was a huge crucial element in the deciphering of the ancient knowledge. The Mysteries have always been passed and explored in different ways. From the days of Greek alchemists to the Pharohs of egypt, they have continued and always continued to prosper in secret.

The All Seeing Eye within the Triangle represents many things. Some claim it represents divinity, divine purpose or chivalry. Some think it's the eye of Satan (LOL).

The All Seeing Eye is a secret that is hidden even amongst the oldest roman and Christian churches.

First of all when dealing with ancient symbols science is as important as the spiritual.

The Triangle represents the Holy Trinity. The Trinity to some is the Holy spirit, the son and the "father." I believe this to be a distortion.

The eye represents the eye of the ultimate Diety, the Grand Architect, or God as some know it. The truth is true Creator, also known as the One- is unknowable, unfathomable, ineffable because it is beyond and limit or idea. It is infinite and is the true Source of all things existing.

This particular architect, to me, is a portion of this so called creator. It is a representation of one who bends, and molds the light into purpose and meaning.

The Triangle represents equilibrium.

The Eye is not just the Eye of God, it is also a portal, or a window. Into the beyond.

Through the Equilibrium lies the key to what some coin Ascension, or rather, into true knowing and cognition of the mysterious Beyond. The higher realms, or dimensions if you will.

Two lower corners of the triangle can represent polarity. Like the Two Pillars of the Masons. In their symbology there is also often a third pillar, which is the middle point, which is the Key.

The two pillars culminate at an Apex, which is the top.When the two polarities, or the two extremes are joined as one they join at a single point. This single point is essentially the eye in the middle.

Modern Hubble telescope pictures of black holes, nebulas, etc. show essentially, what looks like an eye. The Black holes even among science, is seeing as portals beyond time and even entire other universes.

These portals exist all over the universe, and even on our own planet. Long ago, the Pyramid of Giza was one such portal, and it was represented by the Eye of Horus, which is why sometime the pyramid is depicted with the Eye of Horus on the capstone. The masons implored the Egyptian government to restore the golden capstone to the Giza pyramid but they refused.

They also found underground chambers under the Sphinx but denied access, and recently a man found cavern systems that also lead to underground chambers under the Giza Plataeu and pyramids but again permission was refused.

These things will be unveiled in the next coming twenty years if we are lucky.

Have you seen the logo of CBS? How bout AOL? How bout information awareness office? The Eye is also used as a symbol of "watchers," as if in people in this world who use the archetype of the All Seeing Eye omnipotence of the creator, and mimic it in a way that employs this in man made structures. One such thing is the Media, another is the internet. It is essentially trying to mimic the big brother archetype, the idea of being watched at all times, and the Luceferians (sects of Masonry and other groups) are a big believer in the New World Order, which is depicted on the bottom

Unfortunately, they believe they are leading us to a higher path of awareness, but they are messing with sciences and mysteries that are even beyond their scope to understand. And are unknowingly leading us into a critical point that might seriously hinder the spiritual awakening that is to occur in present times. Many of them are trying to supress the spiritual awakening, while others are trying to "embrace" it and then lead people in a way that blinds them with "light" so to speak. Remember, Lucifer is not a bad guy, it means Venus, Morning Star, and Light Bringer/Bearer. Therefore, some view Lucifer more as a teacher that "fell" to provide certain knowledge rather than Satan, which is an accuser or tempter.

The Eye on top of the Pyramid represents different things. It can represent, that the bottom layers are likened to dimensions, or layers of physicality. And the top is the Godhead, the Source of all. As if in if this was a pyramid made of light, the bottom is essentially a reflection of light which originated from the Source or Godhead. This idea is similarly depicted by Pink Floyd on Dark Side of the Moon. A single light is going through a darkened triangle, and then from that triangle comes the prism effect, the full color spectrum shoots out the other side of the triangle. Which is speaking of how all the manifest, all the universe is essentially originating from a single point, and then broke apart to make the universe we know of today.

Even the Big Bang Theory essentially States the same thing.Everything originated from a single point. But that's just what we know of as the three dimensions. The truth is that microcosm exists at a macro scale, and it's infinite.

BUT this can also represent something else.

A Prison System.

The Pyramid is an archetype used by the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans and everybody. The only people who knew the truths or had power were the monarchs, or those at the top of the pyramid, and the rest were merely the labor, the essential cogs needed to complete the pyramid while only the top was "Illuminated" into the mysteries. It still works this way today. What is a corporation? What is a Secret Society? How does a government function (this has gotten better, and the moment power becomes evenly distributed as it first did in America, it was usurped again by the Few by Bankers in the 1920 and the military industrial complex during the world wars)? It's all based on the pyramid archetype.

Essentially the CIA and other intelligence agencies follow the same archetype. With the lower levels and layers of the pyramid not needing to know of the layers above. This led to efficiency in work and commerce throughout history but BECAUSE humanities thoughts were flawed and their spiritual heritage, history, and future re-written. Or Erased. In otherwords, humans forgot that they were God's themselves. And instead became subservient to them, trying to mimic and copy them. It is a plan, a "Divine Plan" as the Masons call it, that has been in the making for a very, very long time. Before we were even around.

It was a blueprint given to humanity by "God's" or Ultra-terrestrial beings. Some enlightened who wanted to help guide us. OTHERS who wanted to use the power of humanities minds, genome, and potential to their own ends. The Enslavers, the Prison Wardens.And then those who have been working in secret, to slowly guide humanity to spiritual re-awakening. As it existed in the myths of Atlantis and before, and even other societies before the proverbial "Fall of Man" depicted in Genesis and many other stories, such as the Tower of Babylon, and the Sumerian tablets decoded by Sacharia Sitchin.

The Hidden Priesthoods have always existed, and many of them while the same, are also very different. They have hoarded the knowledge and still do. Out of all of them the "Masons" are the most public.

They are not so bad. But their knowledge is not absolute.

There exists groups, who are not publically known, and who hold the true power. They have essentially, like the All Seeing Eye, usurped the power clandestinely, through subtle infiltration, into almost all Mystery Schools, intelligence agencies, and governments. They have existed and Watched since the times of Atlantis. This force was called the Demi-Urge by the ancient secret societies. Some labeled it Satan. Or the Beast.

It doesn't matter. It's like a multi-dimensional virus, and we are at the heart of it currently. I cannot explain ANYMORE. This will sound crazy to most- regardless. There is some opinions and knowledge as to one of the most mysterious and elusive symbols that is essentially, and always has been- HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT.
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